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Past Work

'rollercoaster' tch Official Video

[MUSIC VIDEO: 3 min 51 sec]

Urban Street

with Michael Jackson

[DRAMA: 22 sec]

Abused Wife with James Le Gros

[DRAMA: 53 sec]

Excerpt  EVITA  'Another Suitcase'

[MUSICAL:  2 min]

 Working Girl - NAILS 

 with Dennis Hopper

 [DRAMA: 18 sec]

Fantasy Girl - 'Magic' 

[MUSIC VIDEO: 1 min 42 sec]

Filipina Rock Star - CHINA BEACH

with Dana Delany and Ned Vaughn

[DRAMA:  1 min 52 sec]


[DRAMA: 51 sec]

Needy, Neurotic Groupie

[DRAMA: 1 min]

'Life In The Laff Lane'

with John Hawkes, Ria Coyne 

[COMEDY/IMPROV: 1 min 40 sec]

Latin Bad Girl (Misc )

[COMEDY/DRAMA: 1 min 16 sec]

Hip Secretary with Karen Black,

Bud Cort, Tab Hunter, Divine

[DRAMA: 1 min 34 sec]

more OL' short films, commercials, video REEL

[COMEDY/DRAMA:  7 min 11 sec]


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